Mod Application LIKE A BOSS

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Mod Application LIKE A BOSS

Post by BEAST on Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:54 pm

My application

Rank in game : Guest
Real life name: Michael
Steam name: Beast
Gender: Male
Main language: Hebrew (but I can talk in Russian, English and a little bit Ukrainian too)
Age: 13
Have I been an admin\moderator in Garry's Mod: Nope ;-;
If you were admin: what would you do, to stop a racist player in the chat/voice chat: First I will teleport him to tell him why and where he isn't right and will give him a warn, if he wasn't stop I will give him a mute and will give him 1 more warn.
If you were admin: If someone tells you another players is hacking, what would you do about it: Permanent ban! (cheating is not good)
If you were admin: What would you do if you saw a hacker, but could not ban him or do anything: First if there online guys that can ban I will ask them to ban the cheater , but if there no online guys that can ban I will try to talk with the cheater and tell him that cheating isn't good and in the next time if some guy that can ban enter the server he will ban the cheater.
If you were admin: What would you do if someone told you a player is breaking the RDM rule: First if there's no evidences I will tell the player that told about other player that breaking the RDM rule that there's no evidences that the player is break the RDM rule and tell him to document the break of the rule in screenshots\video\audio material, but if the player have evidences of the other player breaking the RDM rules I will warn the player that break the rule.
If you were admin: What would you do if someone self-supplied: I will tell him that he cant supply himself and warn him.
If you were admin: What would you do if a player kept prop spamming: I will kick him for prop spamming and if when he reconnect and continue prop spamming I will ban him.
What does RDM mean: Random Death Match (killing without RP reason).
What does NLR mean: New Life Rule (that you can't go to your death place until wait specific time and you don't remember what happened before your death)
What are a player doing if he is 'self-supplying': First exactly the player is breaking a rule, self supply is means to do something with your specific job for your profit, like : repairing your car as car mechanic, buying to you weapons as the gun dealer and don't supply others.
What are a player if he/she is 'FDA'ing' :First he breaking a rule, Fading Door Abuse is when the player pressing the Fading Door button after that the Fading Door is hacked by keycard hacker for his profit, or to make other players stuck.
Why do we need you:I love to help other people with problems and I'm think that I'm helpful.
How Often Will You Be Online: It depends what day and if there's holiday, on regular days I playing like 4-5 hours, on holidays I play 5-8 hours.
I hope that you will accept my application. #ROADTOMODERATOR


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