Admin/Mod Application

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Admin/Mod Application

Post by bigfootlaex15 on Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:49 pm

Rank in-Game: Admin/Mod
Real Life Name: Daniel
Steam Name: Sn1Pex`
Gender: Male
Main Language: russian
Steam Profile (Link):cant put link
Age: 15
i never was an admin i wish i could to be here
RDM: Random DeathMatch = RDM (randomly killing people with no reason)
NLR: nlr = new life rule, if you die you can't go to the place where you died
self-supplying: self supplying is when gun dealer buy a gun from his self
FDA: FDA = Fading Door Abuse its when someone raiding someone so the raided person cant use the keybinding in a middle of a raid.
Why do we need you?: i want to try to be a good admin in that server and i love the community there. ill try to make it better.
How Often Will You Be Online?: i will be online almost every day


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