Jack's Applictaion! :)

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Jack's Applictaion! :)

Post by Jack Brewster on Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:44 pm

Which rank are you applying for? - Trial Mod, (starting from the beginning!)

Rank in-game - User

Real Life Name - Niv

Steam Name - Boi

Gender - Male

Main Language - Hebrew, Russian, English (Altough im not speaking it fluently, But can be helpful for other players that are not israelis)

Steam Profile (Link) - I'll send it on private when the request will pop up.

Age - 16

Have You Been Admin Before in Garry's Mod? - I've Managed many servers, EU mainly. (Cause of Bloody ping at NA servers)

If you were admin: what would you do, to stop a racist player in the chat/voice chat? - Taking him to a place and having a talk about "racism" and how bad it is, meanwhile he'll get a warning. If he keeps with his "Racism" I'll probably get him banned for 5 - 10 Minutes.

If you were admin: If someone tells you another players is hacking, what would you do about it? - Perm Ban Instantly. with no talking, Hacking is not allowed on any kind of server.

If you were admin: What would you do if you saw a hacker, but could not ban him or do anything - Calling an admin asap. if the admin can't handle him. i'll probably report him on steam.

If you were admin: What would you do if someone told you a player is breaking the RDM rule? - Asking for their name and teleporting to the guy who broke RDM, Then! i'll take him to a roof and explain what is rdm and why it isn't allowed in any darkrp server. Smile

If you were admin: What would you do if someone self-supplied? - Same as i said for RDM, I'll explain to him what is Slef Supplies is not allowed. and breaking RP.

If you were admin: What would you do if a player kept prop spamming? - Warn, Keeps spamming? Ban for 5 - 10 Minutes. He gets back and trying to crash the server? Perm Ban.

What does RDM mean? - Random Death Match, You're not allowed to kill anyone without a reason.

What does NLR mean? - New Life Rule, Let's Say someone Raided your house and he killed you. You can't go back Instantly, you'll have to wait approximately 3 - 5 Minutes ( according to the server rules )

What are a player doing if he is 'self-supplying'? - Changing his job to a Gun dealer, and buying weapons to defence himself. Meanwhile hes at his Base/House.

What are a player if he/she is 'FDA'ing' ? - Fading Door Abuse, According to the rules of the server. you're allowed to put only 3 Fading doors. And you can't abuse them. Use it for your own advantage. Theres something called 1 way prop but it doesn't really connect to the FDA Rule but it can be abused by using it.

Why do we need you? - I think that i can help to the community, Make it a better place.

How Often Will You Be Online? - 3 / 5 Hours,

Thanks For Reading! Hope you'll have a Great Day!

Jack Brewster

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