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Application Template

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:50 am

To apply:

You have to be 15+ years old
You have to have played 20 hours to apply
Be decent at talking and writing in English.
That you have read the server rules.

OBS: Remember there is a risk of getting declined, and if you do, don't take is as a "we don't want you on our server" it might be because we have enough staff or just don't need you at the moment.

we expect staff to be active in-game as well on the forum.

If you apply without meeting the requirements you will get instantly declined.

Admin Tools Avaible:  

bLogs(To see who did what, !plogs )      

asbubble (Use to prevent players escaping when talking to them, !asbubble )

Copy this template and paste it in you'r own topic:

Which rank are you applying for? (Chatmod, admin, Mod  and ect ):

Rank in-game:

Real Life Name:

Steam Name:


Main Language:

Steam Profile (Link):


Have You Been Admin Before in Garry's Mod?:

If you were admin: what would you do, to stop a racist player in the chat/voice chat?:

If you were admin: If someone tells you another players is hacking, what would you do about it?:

If you were admin: What would you do if you saw a hacker, but could not ban him or do anything:

If you were admin: What would you do if someone told you a player is breaking the RDM rule?:

If you were admin: What would you do if someone self-supplied?:

If you were admin: What would you do if a player kept prop spamming?:

What does RDM mean?:

What does NLR mean?:

What are a player doing if he is 'self-supplying'?:

What are a player if he/she is 'FDA'ing' ?:

Why do we need you?:

How Often Will You Be Online?:[/b][/i][/u]


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